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We're all about books, book buyback and so much more. If you're looking to sell textbooks online or sell used books online, this is the best place to start your book buyback. You can also watch book reviews and get book suggestions with the Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer. To sell books or sell textbooks, just enter the ISBN in the box above and click on "Then Click Here" button. You can also find great ways to sell cds, do videogame buyback and sell dvds.

Textbook Buyback Cover Art

Offering textbook buyback is a great way to see the treasure trove of unrecognized artistic brilliance found on textbook covers.

Often, textbook cover art is oddly random. Why have a photo of a lighthouse on a calculus textbook?

The apparent design motif is inoffensive decoration - like a male model, carpet pattern or politician's spouse.

Maybe this has kept geniuses out of the field. Does any five year old say, "Momma, when I grow up I want to design textbook covers." Probably not.

Traditionally, textbook covers aren't intended to make one laugh or ponder. They aren't meant to really say anything at all. They do keep the pages from falling out.

We're offering these alternative covers as our way of expanding this deservedly uncelebrated genre of art.

Textbook Buyback

Wanted to give a big shout out to our friends at SellBackYourBook.com, who have been great price comparison partners and really good friends to Blue Rectangle. Thanks, guys!

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