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Chuck Palahniuk
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Choke Chuck Palahniuk "I decided to read that book, because I like a lot of Chuck Palahniuk's work. I first got interested in his work through the movie Fight Club and then started going back and reading his other books. I have read a few other books by him. They're all pretty much - they're the same kind of style where it's - they're always a little sick and twisted, a little morbid, a little off kilter. It's stuff that you, maybe, gloss over in your real life. It's stuff that if you were to pay attention a little better or a little differently to things, you would see the little quirkiness of just characters and ideas; and, I think, he brings out a lot of that really well. The book's about - the main character's a raging sexaholic that goes to sex anonymous meetings to hook up with other women. He also chokes on food at restaurants to gain the sympathy of other people. And later on in the book, he starts talking to his mother again for the first time in years. It's just kind of his - one segment of his weird little life story. I think the thing I didn't like about the book the most is, maybe, it felt like the ending was a little weak. It wasn't a bad ending, but for the pace and the tone he had set up throughout the book, I think, it didn't - I wouldn't say it fell flat, I just, it was a little underwhelming."
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