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Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, and Greg Call
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Peter and the Shadow Thieves Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson "My kids so loved Peter and the Star Catchers, they were thrilled when Peter and the Shadow Thieves came out; another prequel to the Peter Pan saga and, again, by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. And so the second that they knew it was gonna be released, we had to go and buy it; so they're very excited. It continues the story of Peter and the Star Catchers, but in this case there's a really scary villain named, Lord Ombra, that actually, like, sucks up people's shadows and takes their sole. It's pretty dark; although, they keep it moving and there's enough fun in it with Tubby Ted and some of the other Lost Boy characters that it's not too terribly twisted and scary. I kind of get the feeling a little bit that they kind of rushed this one out, because of the success of the previous book, but there's so many great characters and the story-telling is so fabulous, that it's a real good time all the way through. I think, very little kids might be a little scared of some of the characters; although, they're very well - the whole saga is very well told and I think - I enjoyed reading them, so I would say kids seven years old all the way up - much like Harry Potter - all the way up through adults would really enjoy this book. I think that Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson work really well together and I know my kids would be thrilled if they wrote another in this series. This book I'd give four stars. It is a really well told story, although, not as good as the first book. But the adventure continues. Every single chapter packs a big punch as far as entertainment and my kids loved it."
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