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The Color Purple

Alice Walker
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The Color Purple Alice Walker "I wanted to read The Color Purple because it presents a lot of issues about feminism and sexism and gender issues that are seldom presented - or very, very rarely presented - in other literature. The book is about African American females struggling in a society where there position is the lowest of the low. What I liked most about this book is the way that the book is presented to us, because it is a collection of letters. And I felt that is very interesting because a letter is a form of communication that we rarely use nowadays because of email and other forms of telecommunications. I do not like how the characters are portrayed at the end off the book, because it seems to me like for such a book for audience that's really looking to explore - really to explore racism or the problems of sexuality, then you should not have such a positive ending with people changing, people becoming better, because face reality, that's pretty much not possible. I would give this book four and a-half stars because it dares to deal with issues of feminism, racism and bi-sexuality; but at the same time, I think that there is a lot more that it can do, a lot more reality that it has actually left out."
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