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The Life of Pi

Yann Martel
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Life Of Pi Yann Martel "I found out about The Life of Pi through a co-worker who said, "There's this really strange book; I think you should read it." The book is about an Indian boy who is involved in a shipwreck and is stranded with a tiger on a life raft. The author just made it fascinating. The author somehow managed to make someone being trapped on a life raft in sort of a static condition fascinating. In the beginning of the book, the boy is in India, and he's living in this community where there are all different kinds of religions. He starts out as a Hindu, but he's curious about everything; so he ends up going to every one of the different churches, temples, mosques, and studying all the different religions. And I definitely related to that because I'm fascinated by all religions and I think there's something to get out of all of them. Don't be put off by the fact that people always go, "Oh, what was a weird book." Don't be put off by it. It's not weird in the way that you won't understand it; it's not hard to understand. It just takes you to a completely different place. I think it's a lot of fun. I would give Life of Pi five stars. It was well written; it was a strangely fascinating story. The ending is great, and I think that it's just like completely different than anything else I've ever read."
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