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The Red Tent

Anita Diamant
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""I read The Red Tent because my book club was going to read it; and it was my first meeting, actually with this group of women, and I happened to be nine months pregnant. So the story The Red Tent is about Dinah in the Bible. She's a very minor character in the Bible, but the author of The Red Tent has broadened her story to be about basically women in the Bible. I thought that it was a carefully told story that brought to life a perspective that might not have otherwise been considered. I liked that the author took some liberties with the story, but I don't think that she took any liberties that were not possible. The beauty of the story is that you have reasons for things happening that, from a male perspective, are very different. Dinah's brothers -thought he had - they claimed that she had been raped. That was the perspective in the Bible. But of her own volition, she had gone to Shalem, this man that she loved; so yeah, The Red Tent, the female perspective there, is that she made her own choice. But in the Bible, it's that she was victim to something. I would recommend this book to different groups of people, maybe women who - I guess women. That's a large part of the audience, I'm sure. When raised, even in a church, might find this interesting to have something in the Old Testament brought to life with a different perspective. I would give The Red Tent give stars. It's probably on my top ten list of favorites."
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