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Committed: A Rabble-Rouser's Memoir

Dan Mathews
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"I went to see Dan Matthews at the Commonwealth Club in California, so I wanted to read his book and find our more about PETA, which is a really interesting organization. I've always been a little bit ware of it 'cause they seem a little bit over the top, but as vegetarian, I've also been really interested. So once I saw him talk, I thought, "Oh, I really want to read this book and find out more about what he's done." The book Committed is about Dan Matthews, the story of how he got to where he is today, and the various exploits he's enjoyed for PETA, and different campaigns he's done; and some of them are quite outrageous. Some of the things I enjoyed about the book's where he tells some hilarious stories. He's a completely outrageous character, and it was really neat to learn more about the organization, have a better understanding of where they're coming from because they're presented in such a weird light in the press. It was a really neat way of finding out what's really behind him and make it clear about what their goals are. It's kind of an uneven book; it's not extremely well-written. Its highlights aren't the writing; it's more the stories he has to tell. So if he'd had someone to assist him with the writing, it probably would have been a much stronger book. I would recommend this book to anybody who's curious. You don't have to like PETA, and definitely if you don't agree with what PETA's doing; but if you have any curiosity, read the book 'cause it's an interesting read. It's kind of -- it's cool to see this person has a completely different life than your average American, so it's interesting to read that. He's met some very interesting people, so I think just for to hear the story of this guy's life -- and he's not old; he's in his early 40's - mid-40's -- it's an interesting read. So it's not fabulous, but it's definitely interesting. I would rate this book three stars. It has a four star of entertainment; but because of the writing quality, I'm gonna give it three stars overall."
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