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Three Junes

Julia Glass
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"Someone whose book I really like, Mike Cunningham who wrote The Hours, spoke very highly of Juliet Glass. It was like her first novel, and he was saying how perceptive she was, and that was exactly what I loved in the book The Hours. So, sure enough, when I read it, I did like it as much as I liked the other one. It's set in three major time periods, so it does shift; but it's mainly about a family of grown children coming together at the time of their father's funeral and then having to face not just what to do with Dad's ashes but also like all these kind of grudges they've had against each other and images they've always held against each other that may not have been correct all these years, and then deal with the house, and who gets the this and the that; and then there's a bunch of flashbacks. So it's really a lot of time periods covered. Flashbacks is also very realistic, also very kind of heartbreaking. It's -- when the oldest son keeps flashing back to when his best friend was dying of AIDS when he's at his dad's funeral flashing back to when his mom was dying and when his dad was dying, the theme of death keeps creating a lot of very vivid, realistic flashbacks. And it seems terribly real, and it seems also very, very heartbreaking. I think anybody who's ever lost a close friend or parent or is preparing to get there 'cause you know it's around the corner, it's very beautifully written. I would give Three Junes by Julia Glass a five -- or a six out of five stars. I loved it."
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