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The Feast Of Love

Charles Baxter
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"The Feast of Love is about five or six disparate people who end up crossing paths, and whether it's ex-spouses or neighbors or whatever, the book is told through the eyes of several different people who become this kind of community and through love and work and then different connections. I like the message but not necessarily the execution, which is funny. I liked the author's sort of premise that you can become family with people who aren't really family, and you can be brought together through tragedy. You don't feel like you know one character terribly well, ever. There's like six or seven different points of view. It's in the form of interviews, almost. It's very like common speech, a lot of vernacular and not very introspective descriptions of what's going on. So it's kind of like an interview with this 19 year-old that works in the coffee shop, and an interview with her boyfriend who she's madly in love with; and I couldn't really identify with any of them, partly because either I'm not that age or I'm not like this guy who never reflects on his life, and I'm not like his ex-wife that used to cheat on him constantly. So it's hard for me to connect with any of those characters, perhaps for who they are or perhaps because of the way it's through so many perspectives; I'm not sure. I also had a issue with some of the characters are, I think, seriously kind of cut out, caricatures. They're just not that believable because they're so extreme, and maybe it's 'cause the author doesn't give us a chance to see what they're thinking. About a three, I think."
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