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Saving Fish From Drowning

Amy Tan
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"I read Saving Fish from Drowning because I've read a couple of other books by Amy Tan, the Joy Luck Club and a couple of other ones that deal with the same population; and I picked it up at the bookstore again, read the reviews on the back, and it looked really good, and I really enjoyed her writing style in her other books. Saving Fish from Drowning is told from the perspective of an Asian-American woman who is in San Francisco who planned out this whole journey up the old Burma Road, which travels from modern-day Myanmar, which is formally Burma, up into China. But she was murdered about a week before the trip took place, so it's told from her perspective as a ghost or a spirit, I guess, kind of following along the trip. The thing that I liked the most about the book was that one of the things I really look for in books is kind of a chance to explore a new world or a new place that I would necessarily get to go on my own, and this was really an incredible example of that. The author is a great visual imagery person; she can really paint a picture with words, and she told a wonderful story about the culture, and the scenery, and all of that of Burma and the political climate and things like that, which I thought was really spectacular. I really got lost in it. I would recommend this book to pretty much any adult. I thought it was fantastically exciting, and a great storyline, and a really interesting look at a part of the world that a lot of Americans probably didn't know a lot about. I would give this book five out of five stars."
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