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The Third Reich at War

Angus McGeoch and Michael Veranov
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The Third Reich at War Angus McGeoch and Michael Veranov "I read that "The Third Reich at War" because I've always been interested in history and World War II. And I found that I knew a lot more about the Allies' side of that conflict than the Axis side of that conflict. It's a lot of not only what was happening on the battlefield but what was happening in back in Berlin with the politics and decision-making that led up to how the War was carried out. What I came away with after reading the book, was a real appreciation of the ability of the German military really, because essentially they had a crazy person in charge. And managed to take over all of Europe, and only at the point of wasting a lot of resources on Africa and Russia and even pounding away at Britain, you figure that aside from that decision-making they pretty much could have held on to Europe and a lot of people would be speaking German today. I'd recommend anybody interested in World War II you know military history, strategy, tactics, politics through the acquisition of assets needed to prosecute a war. Anybody interested in that kind of stuff. I'd give "The Third Reich at War," I guess four stars. At times, it was maybe just a little bit too much detail and coupled with the maps which were not so good, became a little bit more of a slower read. But if you're interested in that kind of thing, it's pretty interesting."
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