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Like Water for Chocolate

Laura Esquivel
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Like Water For Chocolate Laura Esquivel "The reason that I read the book is that I was visiting a friend in Mexico, and he bought the book for me in Spanish. I went ahead and bought the book in English and started reading one chapter at a time in English and in Spanish and eventually made it through both books and just really enjoyed it. It was a great story that - and a lot of surprises. The book is about a girl named Tita, who is born to a mother who has a tradition of the last daughter is responsible for taking care of the mother until death; and so that means that she can't marry. Of course, Tita falls in love with Pedro, and they can't marry; and the wicked mother arranges it so that Pedro marries Tita's sister. They live together, so obviously, that kind of scenario would create a problem with many things. The other thing that's interesting about the book is that every chapter begins with a recipe, and the recipes are kind of enveloped into the story and the chapter. It's great, great tale. I liked the way that the writer wove the folklore of the Mexican tradition and the cooking into the story; and it came across as very lovely and romantic, and part fantasy, part reality. It was a beautiful story. Actually, I think that the book is great for anyone. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to read a little romance and also get some cooking advice as well! I would give this book five stars out of five."
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