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Take the first step to sell gift cards back online by comparing possible offers and company info from our short list of more established gift card buyback companies. Just enter your gift card store name and approx balance. Blue Rectangle requires no registration:

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If youíre not sure of the card balance, you can follow the instructions on the back of your card to find out or confirm it later at the site you choose to sell your card to


Our gift card buyback comparison helps you easily compare possible offers to sell back gift cards online.

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Gift card buyback prices change constantly. Not every site buys every card and certainly not for the same price. Don't risk not selling your card back or getting less by only checking one buyback site.

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Itís truly never been easier to sell gift cards instantly - just enter your card name and card balance and start your search! If youíre not sure of the balance on the card, you can always call he number on the back of the card or just enter an approximate amount here for now. The site actually buying your card has resources to check the card balance.


Sell Gift Cards Instantly
Once you've found the right site/offer, you can always choose to have the site mail you a check or sometimes, depending on which site you are selling it to, have the site transfer the cash directly to your PayPal account or via MoneyGram. Itís often possible to sell gift cards online and be credited without having to mail your actual gift card to the site buying it. Details vary by site and by card, so read carefully at the site youíve chosen. Youíll seeÖ once you get the the site youíve selected, itís not that complicated.

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Don't like the card you've got? Not a problem! One option is to use Blue Rectangle to find offers from companies that help you exchange your card for another card (e.g. Amazon). Of course, each site has restrictions that apply. So, again, be sure you read everything carefully before completing your gift card buyback.

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Buying something? Consider buying major retailer gift cards at a discount via the same gift card buyback companies that offer to buy your cards. Simply use the gift card you bought at a discount to pay for gifts and purchases. Itís like discount money! Check out the ďbuy gift cardsĒ option at the same sites that offer gift card buyback.

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We help you compare a little info about the more-established gift card buyback companies we feature. The gift card sites we feature have all attracted great press. Youíll find write-ups and mentions in a variety of major media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and many others. At this writing (April 2012), two of the sites we compare are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an "A" rating. Some were established as far back as 1999! Learn more on the next page.

As with all websites and offers, certain restrictions apply. You should always read everything thoroughly at and about the site(s) who may be choosing to do business with before proceeding with any sale or purchase. We make a great effort to offer up-to-date gift card buyback info, but data does change and we donít guarantee that our data is always 100% accurate. So, double-check everything before proceeding!

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