Sell MP3 Players

Sell MP3 Players

Did you know that there’s an online electronics buyback company that has identified over 200 MP3 player brands? We had no idea there were so many makers who sell MP3 players. Identifying the brand of yours is the first step to sell MP3 players back online.

We had an informal contest around here to see how many MP3 player brands we could think of. We came up with a paltry 24:

Bang & Olufsen


Packard Bell


That only leaves about 175 more listed at Gazelle! With brand names like Hip Street, IRock and Slacker, what does that say about us not knowing about them? Um, we don’t spend enough time keeping up with the young people’s latest gadgets?! Probably.

After identifying yours here, you’ll select the condition and accessories. We really like Gazelle’s picture-based system of identifying your gear. Seeing the item(s) really makes everything so much easier.

Then, it’s on to to Gazelle’s offer. Sadly, sometimes it’s hard to sell mp3 players, because many of them are quite common or old. As with every form of online buyback, not everything is salable all the time.

It can really help a lot if your items are in great condition. The market for any kind of consumer electronics in poor condition is quite limited. Also, it’s a huge plus if you have at least some of the original accessories and even the box. Not having these items doesn’t make it impossible to sell MP3 players back… it’s just better to have accessories. The process was incredibly fast from the moment we landed on their site. It took us less than 30 seconds to make our way through brand, model, condition and accessories to get an instant offer. So, if you’re thinking about how to sell MP3 players back online, make sure to check yours out on Gazelle.

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