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According to, over 200 billion CDs have been sold worldwide. That makes for a lot of used CDs floating around. Even more so now that many people download their music onto a digital device and then... don’t want their old CDs.

The Recording Industry Association of America reports that downloads are up and CD sales continue to slide.

Are you one of those folks asking yourself, "How can I sell CDs back online?" CD buyback at our advertiser might be just what you’re looking for. offers more than buying back new and used DVDs. You can also sell CDs, video games/consoles back online.

You can check individual titles and they offer free shipping when you sell back 10 or more items. When you do use free shipping, investigate the insurance and tracking before sending the item(s).


It really comes down to supply and demand. The more demand and lower supply, the higher the price and vice-versa. It’s obviously no reflection on your taste in music! The good news is that you check prices before sending the CDs.


In any case, it’s always a good idea to:

  • Package the CDs securely. Loose in the package and not sealed properly are the two biggest mistakes.
  • Include your contact info inside the package.
  • Make sure the CDs are in good condition with no skips or damage.
  • Make sure that each jewel case still contains the original art.
  • Understand the shipping
  • Make sure your registration information is correct – that is how you will be paid.
  • Only deal with reputable companies. One element of verifying “reputable” is to look at things like BBB accreditation.

Now, go sell CDs!

As with all website offers, certain restrictions apply. You should always read everything thoroughly at the site making the offer before proceeding with any sale or purchase.


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