Wholesale Used Clothes Buyers

Wholesale Used Clothes Buyers

Are you in charge of managing large non-profit that accepts donations of physical goods, such as used clothing, shoes, books and various household items?

Are you looking for better/more competitive wholesale used clothes buyers?

Are you striving to achieve the best price per pound, along with excellent service?

Consider receiving a quote for selling all of your salvage, unsold donations, credential clothing (raw donations) from alternative wholesale used clothes buyers.

Get a competitive quote today from your new wholesale used clothes buyers at truckloads@bluerectangle.com

Are your existing wholesale used clothes buyers aren’t meeting your needs?

Used Clothes Buyers

Ever thought, “How can I maximize my price per pound for shipping container loads of credential and mixed used clothing?”

Are you starting to feel tired of dealing with such a variety of different buyers for salvage categories such as; used clothing, shoes, CDs, DVDs, video games, books and mixed household items?

Has bad communication and poor service made your job harder than it needs to be?

Our buyers have vast experience purchasing container loads from all over Canada and The United States. The vast majority of containers are purchased by wholesale used clothes buyers. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution for all of your salvage needs. Whether you need new wholesale used clothes buyers and/or need to get top dollar for your other by-the-pound salvage commodities, such as shoes, entertainment on disc, books or mixed household merchandise.

Get a competitive quote today from your new wholesale used clothes buyers at truckloads@bluerectangle.com

Whether you need to move wipers, mixed used and or credential clothing containers, shipping containers of all different quality levels of clothes are sought, along with all other price-per-pound commodities.

Wholesale used clothes buyers FAQ:

Q. Can you come to my location and meet with me in-person?

A. Yes.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Fast & upfront before the items leave your dock.

Q. What’s the maximum number of container loads?

A. Unlimited.

Q. Our facility is jammed solid with material ready to ship. Can you arrange pick up right away?

A. Yes.

Q. How long will your container be stuck at our dock?

A. It won’t be, unless you would like to load it gradually.

Everyone in the business, from facilities managers to wholesale used clothes buyers know that price per pound is most important. We take pride in creating an efficient, easy, on-going relationship.

Get a competitive quote today from your new wholesale used clothes buyers at truckloads@bluerectangle.com

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