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At Blue Rectangle SEO, we deliver results in the form of leads and sales.  Our results usually include increased traffic, but traffic without conversions is worthless. That’s why we’re as Free SEO Site Analysisconcerned with conversion rate optimization as we are with keyword rankings.

When you hire Blue Rectangle, you’re hiring the expertise of a small team at a fraction of the cost of an agency. After all, fancy offices, big salaries, and expense accounts don’t increase the effectiveness of your organic search marketing effort.

Oakland SEO

Is SEO in Oakland any different from anywhere else? No, other than that’s our home market and we like to work with our clients face-to-face whenever possible. Although, we do have clients we’ve never met in-person.

Regardless of your location, you can expect measurable results and accountability. We don’t  baffle you with reports that obscure the true essence of what is going on. Every month, we’ll show you exactly what we’ve achieved as measured in the metrics that matter most to you – customers, leads and sales.

Sure, we’ll track keywords, traffic, user metrics and more. At the same time, we understand that those KPIs are not your purpose. Your purpose is ultimately to increase revenue.  That’s why we align our KPIs with your revenue goals.

How We Work

You’ll be assigned an account manager. This person is an SEO Lead for day-to-day contact. You’ll also have contact with Michael Johnson, a nationally top-ranked and award winning digital marketer. Michael has worked with some of the biggest brands on the web and some of the more boutique brands. Out of thousands and thousands of members, Michael is ranked internationally in the top 100 SEOs on Moz.com.

Our process is to identify the low-hanging fruit that provides the best ROI and prioritize Work with our search engine optimization servicesaccordingly. As such, we’ve almost never recommended a complete re-design of your site first.

We also adapt to your structure. If you have a designer, developer, writer or admin who can do some of the work, that’s great! We get great and cost-effective results by leveraging tasks among whatever team you have in place. Of course, if we need to do all of the work, that’s fine too. We provide writing, web design, development… everything need for search engine optimization and really all forms of digital marketing.

Beyond Search Engine Optimization Services

We can also handle your paid search marketing, social and display advertising and email marketing efforts as well. Often, our clients are initially attracted to our deep search engine marketing expertise, but then come to rely on us for a wider variety of services.

Case Study

One of our clients is a solar energy system installer. Before we worked with them, they were focused on only attracting clients who want a free consultation. We impressed upon them that we could get dramatically larger numbers of clients seeking information out of organic search as marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and then warming these leads up via an email drip campaign to become sales qualified leads (SQLs). Thus, expanding both the top and the bottom of the sales funnel. Long story short, we helped them with a new email system to handle the larger number of leads we gained out of organic search. The moral of the story? We’ll do whatever is needed outside of organic search to help you reach your revenue goals.

Michael JohnsonMJ head shot

You can read more about Michael here. Michael has worked with BCB and B2C sites, lead gen, branding, eCommerce, SaaS sites and more. Michael is adept at identifying and improving capturing the low-hanging fruit with the best cost-to-benefits ratio. Often, some of the simplest conversion rate optimization improvements will do more with existing traffic, than merely adding more traffic to a non-converting site.

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